Thursday, January 27, 2011

Options for Replacing BMW E46 Taillights

Although they are not as prominent as the headlamps, BMW E46 taillights play an important role in the car’s overall lighting system. They act as signals for the drivers behind, which are integral to avoiding rear accidents. When contemplating on customizing the taillights, it sometimes entails modifying the rest of the rear lighting system as well, to include the third brake lights and the turn signals.

One makeover option for the E46 taillights are the angel eyes or the halo lights. These are ringlets of tiny LED bulbs that are easily installed or clipped around the perimeter of the rear lights. Halo lights are produced more for aesthetic reasons, but they do contribute to increasing the brightness of the taillights. They make the rear lights more visible for the drivers following close behind, so that the other signals are not missed.

The BMW E46 taillights, themselves, can be replaced with OEM or aftermarket bulbs. Because a BMW car often employs a central console that manipulates all components of its light system, E46 owners are limited to purchasing OEM lights to be assured of compatibility. Nowadays, however, aftermarket manufacturers are beginning to come up with better and cheaper versions that rival the original parts.

When dealing with aftermarket companies, it is recommended to find suppliers who are established names in the industry, if only to avoid custom parts that are imitations and of poor quality. Nonetheless, there are a number of promising smaller players, and they are equally trustworthy if close friends and other E46 owners have vouched for these up and coming aftermarket companies.


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