Thursday, January 27, 2011

Options for Replacing BMW E46 Taillights

Although they are not as prominent as the headlamps, BMW E46 taillights play an important role in the car’s overall lighting system. They act as signals for the drivers behind, which are integral to avoiding rear accidents. When contemplating on customizing the taillights, it sometimes entails modifying the rest of the rear lighting system as well, to include the third brake lights and the turn signals.

One makeover option for the E46 taillights are the angel eyes or the halo lights. These are ringlets of tiny LED bulbs that are easily installed or clipped around the perimeter of the rear lights. Halo lights are produced more for aesthetic reasons, but they do contribute to increasing the brightness of the taillights. They make the rear lights more visible for the drivers following close behind, so that the other signals are not missed.

The BMW E46 taillights, themselves, can be replaced with OEM or aftermarket bulbs. Because a BMW car often employs a central console that manipulates all components of its light system, E46 owners are limited to purchasing OEM lights to be assured of compatibility. Nowadays, however, aftermarket manufacturers are beginning to come up with better and cheaper versions that rival the original parts.

When dealing with aftermarket companies, it is recommended to find suppliers who are established names in the industry, if only to avoid custom parts that are imitations and of poor quality. Nonetheless, there are a number of promising smaller players, and they are equally trustworthy if close friends and other E46 owners have vouched for these up and coming aftermarket companies.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Achieving Aesthetics and Performance with BMW E46 Accessories

Starting an affinity with BMW E46 accessories can quickly turn into an inescapable love affair. People spend a considerable amount of money on them, not just because they want to improve the style of their car, but also because it is gratifying to do so. However, the beauty of a car is both inside and out. In accessorizing an E46, it is important to consider parts that cover these two aspects of customizing—aesthetics and performance.

Replacing the rims of an E46 with aluminum cast aftermarket counterparts is one way to achieve beauty and function in customizing. As a metal alloy, aluminum is durable and can last longer. It is a highly favored raw material for vehicle rims because it often requires little finishing and looks just as good without coating. It also performs well against corrosion, more so, if painted. Aluminum is also quite flexible and has no qualms about being casted into various intricate designs.

Rims with diameter ranging from 18 to 19 inches are suited for BMW E46. As much as possible, car owners should stick to the factory recommended rim diameters for optimal driving. Exceeding the values can affect the vehicle’s braking system and its angles when making a turn. Of the aftermarket companies today, Velocity wheels are among the highest rated, and car owners have more selections to choose from with VMR.

A lighter alternative is the forged wheels. The reduced weight on the wheels translates to easier steering control, increased speed, and fuel efficiency. It also means prolonging the life of the tires themselves, because a lighter set of rims lessens wearing and tearing. The flip side to this is that forged wheels are more expensive to produce than the cast wheels; hence, people will have to pay more to enjoy the benefits of these BMW E46 accessories.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BMW E46 Headlights: Amazing Innovation in the Car Business

Today, the most advanced BMW E46 headlights are the high intensity discharge (HID), since they create the best illumination in the market. They use Xenon lights which produce the very bright light.

Aside from being the newest in the category of BMW headlights, they are more beneficial for drivers to have a clear view of the road as compared to the halogen headlights.

When driving, you need to have a bright light for a safer trip, especially during the night and during the foggy days. Your headlights should be in good condition. If not, it is just apt to replace them into new ones to have a secured trip, especially when you are with your family.

The model number of your BMW is one very important thing to consider when you are planning to change your headlights or upgrade the look of your car. This is to easily browse online the options available for the model of your car.

Only, just take a precaution when shopping online, as there are those people who sell the BMW E46 headlights with lower standards, the imitations. They can also be bought from auto-parts store. It is important to only buy the original ones, since your safety, the security of your family is at stake.

BMW E46 headlights do not only provide the best or the brightest lights that you need, they also exude elegance and sophistication—they are great fashion statements. Just like jewelries, they also imply your social status. They will definitely make you look great.

Further, aside from consuming lower energy, BMW E46 headlights have lesser glare to approaching cars than the other headlights—one thing which is very good to note to avoid any road accidents.

Hence, with BMW E46 headlights, you will be guaranteed of safety and some sort of style. Truly, these headlights are wonderful innovations in today’s car business.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stand-out with BMW E46 Lights

BMW E46 lights are very essential to your car. They give the effective and bright lights, so you will have peace-of-mind when driving at night and at dragged weather.

So, whenever your lights burn out, it is best thing to change and update them into new ones. Upgrading them does not only put you in safe hands, it will also make your car more beautiful and more enticing to look at. Online, there are wide options of lights which are perfect for your car, which will lighten up the road better. It is recommended to look for the latest styles for a better look.

You have a lot of options to choose from, and what is good thing is that, they also come in different colors to fit your personality well. Choose the style and color which can make your car unique and will make it stand out from the rest of the BMW cars.

When you want to ask for some tips in buying the BMW E46 lights, it is suggested to search for some forums where you can ask other people, the members of the forums about some websites and online retailers or sellers of these car accessories offering the best prices and the best quality products. This is also important for you to buy only the original ones. From them, you can also ask for the best styles available for your car.

Truly, BMW E46 lights are the best and the brightest in road illumination. They are also the most stylistic, making your BMW pleasing to the eyes of other people.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

BMW E46 Angel Eyes Enhances the Look of Your Car

One of the reasons why a lot of people would love to have BMW cars are its superb and elegant parts and accessories. One of the best additions to parts of this vehicle is the BMW E46 Angel Eyes. It can definitely make your car appear more stunning and more beautiful. It is meticulously engineered to provide a bright and sharp light, unlike the other headlights which provide scattered lights.

Even during foggy days or even at night, it can produce the enough light to illuminate the road. This is one of the beautiful features of the BMW E46 Angel eyes.

It is not only good to the driver of the BMW E46 Angel eyes but to other drivers too at the other land--hence, with this headlight, you can avoid car accidents caused by the very bright scattered light coming from the other brand of headlights.

BMW manufactured each part of your car to be the best--to have the most beautiful design, all for the enhancement of your car. BMW is the name you can trust in the car business. Its name alone epitomizes the quality it offers the customers.

A lot of time was spent just to ensure the satisfaction of the customers, of the BMW car lovers. That is why, BMW cars are the most craved in the car business industry. It is made just to make you feel proud.

With BMW cars, having extraordinary car parts like the BMW E46 Angel eyes, you and your family will surely enjoy every weekend vacation--you will enjoy every holidays at its best.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Light Sources Available for BMW E46 Taillights

There is a wide range of options for people who are looking into improving their BMW E46 taillights. Going through hundreds of them can be frustrating at times, and to avoid such a scenario, it may help to know something about the different light sources for a vehicle lighting system. This may serve as a guide on which particular kind of bulbs will suit one’s needs and the car’s as well.

Thus far, the most common light source for tail lights and for the whole lighting system of a BMW is the halogen. Luminosity is produced through filament bulbs with this type of light source, which is powered by electric spark. Car owners who want to retain the integrity of their BMW tradition of their E46 can replace the taillights with OEM parts. The aftermarket industry produces halogen taillights that are comparable in quality, yet inexpensive.

The next common light source for taillights is the xenon. It is a metal gas that is burned to produce lights more powerful than halogen. Avid customizers prefer xenon lights these days because they are said to be more energy-efficient and longer lasting than halogen. These light sources are available both as OEM and aftermarket BMW E46 taillights, the quality of which will depend on which assembly house they were put together.

The third, and increasing becoming popular, light source is LED, or light emitting diodes. In terms of power consumption, LED bulbs are most efficient thus far. Because they give out more lumens per wattage, they are produced in smaller dimensions. They make for perfect taillights, turn signals, and side markers. Taillights for a BMW E46 are best replaced with LED bulbs if the goal is greater efficiency and rear visibility.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BMW E46 Accessories That Combine Function and Style

Produced between 1998 and 2006, the E46 3 Series is one of BMW’s most successful executive models. Those who still drive it these days have the unique opportunity of upgrading some of the aging parts of their sedans. The aftermarket industry, in particular, is rich in BMW E46 accessories that are certain to rejuvenate the appearance and performance of this 3 Series car. For best value of money, it is good to choose accessories that provide both style and function.

The GPS system is a recommended addition to BMW E46. Today’s innovative navigation systems no longer require modification of dashboard, or painstaking installation of wires. The plug-and-play versions are without cables and adapters and will only take no more than an hour to set up inside the car. Moreover, they have the added features of Bluetooth connection, DVD drives, steering wheel controls, as well as iPod and USB ports.

LED lenses for the tails, side markers, and front turn signals are BMW E46 accessories that enhance looks, while contributing to overall road safety. They can be purchased either as smoked or clear, xenon or amber. LED sources are gaining prominence because of its energy-efficient properties; they produce more intense lights, while consuming lesser power. Notwithstanding, they produce a different shade of luminosity that quickly alters the personality of a BMW E46.

A carbon fiber roof panel can be a replacement for the BMW E46 original counterpart. Aesthetically, a darker CF panel will give a 3 series a sportier look, but it can also come in other hues for the change to be subtler. Carbon fiber roof is lighter than OEM replacements by as much as 60 percent, which in turn, improves power-to-weight ratio. It holds well under harsh weather conditions, because carbon fiber is highly resistant to corrosion and salinity.