Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Achieving Aesthetics and Performance with BMW E46 Accessories

Starting an affinity with BMW E46 accessories can quickly turn into an inescapable love affair. People spend a considerable amount of money on them, not just because they want to improve the style of their car, but also because it is gratifying to do so. However, the beauty of a car is both inside and out. In accessorizing an E46, it is important to consider parts that cover these two aspects of customizing—aesthetics and performance.

Replacing the rims of an E46 with aluminum cast aftermarket counterparts is one way to achieve beauty and function in customizing. As a metal alloy, aluminum is durable and can last longer. It is a highly favored raw material for vehicle rims because it often requires little finishing and looks just as good without coating. It also performs well against corrosion, more so, if painted. Aluminum is also quite flexible and has no qualms about being casted into various intricate designs.

Rims with diameter ranging from 18 to 19 inches are suited for BMW E46. As much as possible, car owners should stick to the factory recommended rim diameters for optimal driving. Exceeding the values can affect the vehicle’s braking system and its angles when making a turn. Of the aftermarket companies today, Velocity wheels are among the highest rated, and car owners have more selections to choose from with VMR.

A lighter alternative is the forged wheels. The reduced weight on the wheels translates to easier steering control, increased speed, and fuel efficiency. It also means prolonging the life of the tires themselves, because a lighter set of rims lessens wearing and tearing. The flip side to this is that forged wheels are more expensive to produce than the cast wheels; hence, people will have to pay more to enjoy the benefits of these BMW E46 accessories.

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