Thursday, January 20, 2011

Light Sources Available for BMW E46 Taillights

There is a wide range of options for people who are looking into improving their BMW E46 taillights. Going through hundreds of them can be frustrating at times, and to avoid such a scenario, it may help to know something about the different light sources for a vehicle lighting system. This may serve as a guide on which particular kind of bulbs will suit one’s needs and the car’s as well.

Thus far, the most common light source for tail lights and for the whole lighting system of a BMW is the halogen. Luminosity is produced through filament bulbs with this type of light source, which is powered by electric spark. Car owners who want to retain the integrity of their BMW tradition of their E46 can replace the taillights with OEM parts. The aftermarket industry produces halogen taillights that are comparable in quality, yet inexpensive.

The next common light source for taillights is the xenon. It is a metal gas that is burned to produce lights more powerful than halogen. Avid customizers prefer xenon lights these days because they are said to be more energy-efficient and longer lasting than halogen. These light sources are available both as OEM and aftermarket BMW E46 taillights, the quality of which will depend on which assembly house they were put together.

The third, and increasing becoming popular, light source is LED, or light emitting diodes. In terms of power consumption, LED bulbs are most efficient thus far. Because they give out more lumens per wattage, they are produced in smaller dimensions. They make for perfect taillights, turn signals, and side markers. Taillights for a BMW E46 are best replaced with LED bulbs if the goal is greater efficiency and rear visibility.

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