Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BMW E46 Accessories That Combine Function and Style

Produced between 1998 and 2006, the E46 3 Series is one of BMW’s most successful executive models. Those who still drive it these days have the unique opportunity of upgrading some of the aging parts of their sedans. The aftermarket industry, in particular, is rich in BMW E46 accessories that are certain to rejuvenate the appearance and performance of this 3 Series car. For best value of money, it is good to choose accessories that provide both style and function.

The GPS system is a recommended addition to BMW E46. Today’s innovative navigation systems no longer require modification of dashboard, or painstaking installation of wires. The plug-and-play versions are without cables and adapters and will only take no more than an hour to set up inside the car. Moreover, they have the added features of Bluetooth connection, DVD drives, steering wheel controls, as well as iPod and USB ports.

LED lenses for the tails, side markers, and front turn signals are BMW E46 accessories that enhance looks, while contributing to overall road safety. They can be purchased either as smoked or clear, xenon or amber. LED sources are gaining prominence because of its energy-efficient properties; they produce more intense lights, while consuming lesser power. Notwithstanding, they produce a different shade of luminosity that quickly alters the personality of a BMW E46.

A carbon fiber roof panel can be a replacement for the BMW E46 original counterpart. Aesthetically, a darker CF panel will give a 3 series a sportier look, but it can also come in other hues for the change to be subtler. Carbon fiber roof is lighter than OEM replacements by as much as 60 percent, which in turn, improves power-to-weight ratio. It holds well under harsh weather conditions, because carbon fiber is highly resistant to corrosion and salinity.

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