Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changing the Bulbs of the BMW E46 Headlights

BMW E46 headlights are incredible. Not only they improve the looks of your BMW; they also enhance the visibility of the road, especially during the night or jagged weather—one thing which is good to note for anyone who drives the car.

Installed in your BMW E46 headlights are the xenon lights. They are the newest in BMW headlights category. These are more improved and definitely more beneficial to drivers, since they produce better illumination than the halogen headlights which enable the driver to communicate with the other drivers well.

However, the headlight bulbs also fail. You also need to change them for a more safety and secured driving on the road. These headlights bulbs can be purchased from any auto-parts store. It is highly recommended for you to replace the two headlights since they have been burning together in same length of time. So, when one bulb has burned out, is likely that the other bulb will also fail shortly afterward. In looking for the bulbs of the BMW E46 headlights, you need to be wary enough of those dealers who sell imitations. Hence, only look for the reputed stores to purchase only the best and the original bulbs.

Here are some simple steps in changing the bulbs of your BMW E46 headlights in case they burn out:

• You need to remove first the plug of the power connector of the BMW E46 headlights.
• With the help of your fingers, remove the dust covers from the back of the headlight housings.
• Before uninstalling the headlight from the housing, rotate it in a counterclockwise manner.
• Now, insert the new bulbs. After inserting them into the back of the housing, rotate in a clockwise manner to ensure that the headlights are secured to their housings.
• Return back the dust covers over the housings of the headlights.
• Finally, plug in the connector again into the back of the headlights.

Be sure to install the bulbs properly for a better result. To ensure the superb quality, buy only the authentic ones so they could last longer.

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