Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Detailing Basics and Options for E39 BMW Headlights

People who purchased the 1998 and 1999 models of E39 may have experienced a few mishaps in the functioning of the headlight system of the vehicle. While it may be perceived as a problem, it can be an opportunity also to customize E39 BMW headlights. The BMW E39 was part of the manufacturer’s 5 Series models that were commercialized from 1995 to 2003. It is categorized as mid-luxury or executive sedans with a six-speed on manual transmission (or five on automatic).

It is standard, no less than legally required, for cars to have two systems of headlights. The first one is the high beam headlights that drivers use when driving along pitch dark roads. However, care should be observed in using this system because its intense illumination produces glare on cars that are passing by on the other side. This system is characteristically symmetrical and can reach farther distances.

The second E39 BMW headlights system is the low beam that restricts the forward lighting while providing lateral illumination. It is asymmetrical in the distribution of light and allows for adequate sight for the driver at night without obstructing the other passing drivers with its strong forward lighting. However, the low beam often produces a shorter forward illumination than the high beam.

In customizing the E39 BMW headlights, it is worthwhile to consider the option of having the two headlight systems in separate pairs of lamps with respective switches, so that one system is still workable in the event that the other breaks down. For the low beam headlamps, a set of Angel Eyes aftermarket part can be attached to enhance the system when used in busy night roads.

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