Monday, December 6, 2010

Choices to Consider in Upgrading E46 BMW Headlights

The Xenon Projector and Angel Eyes are some of the most famous custom parts for the E46 BMW headlights. These aftermarket parts often come with the full conversion kit that many customizers find very stylish and practical at the same time. When it comes to the front appearance of an E46, the kind of headlamps used makes a whole lot of difference. No wonder BMW owners are starting off with the headlight system when customizing their vehicles.

Tinting the headlights are also popular options for serious customizers. Those who wish for a more aggressive and racer look are opting for the black or chrome tints. On the other hand, there are people who want a more Euro first impression, so they are going for the smoked tint for their E46 BMW headlights. These modifications are cheaper compared to the detailing and upgrading of the other parts.

LED-based headlights are attractive options for BMW owners who are conscious of energy conservation. Thus far, they deliver the best visibility on the road at night compared to the standard headlamps. There is a trade off though; LED is an intense light and they may not last long and are easily disposable. They may not appeal to those who are conscious of the cost.

High and low beams characterize most vehicles, including E46 BMW headlights. Factory settings will have these beams having their separate pairs of headlamps. Upgrade options can come in the form of installing a single pair of headlamps with dual functions of both beams. In purchasing such custom parts, it is recommended that people go to established names in the industry to be assured of quality in terms of authenticity performance.

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